Friday, November 12, 2010


A little bit of a blast from the past from CULT resident Mouse.

The garage sound has had a bit of a resurgence of late, but for CULT the time that it was at its best was around 95 - 97, where in London you couldn't move without hearing a chirped vocal or a crisp hi hat. Enjoy.

Old School Garage Mix - Nov 10 by mouseisthedaddy

Track Listing:

Antonio - I'll Take You There (Back 2 Front)
Dem 2 - Destiny (Locked On)
Big Bird - Flav (City Dub Trax)
24hr Experience - All Nighter (Nice 'N' Ripe)
Sound of One - As I Am [Todd Edwards Remix] (Locked On)
Tuff Jam - Key Dub [ver 99] (i! Records)
Dub Monsters - Waiting (Underground Connection)
Groove Chronicles - Your Power taking Over (Groove Chronicles)
Da Chant - 3rd Exit (Catch)
24hr Experience - Together (Nice 'N' Ripe)
Divine Soul - Shake That Ass (Strictly Rhythm)
Nu Birth - Anytime (XL)
Todd Edwards - Saved my Life (i! Records)
RIP Productions - Obsessed (Ice Cream)

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