Monday, April 24, 2006


Bungle > Too Late / Human Poison (Critical) Audio
Rock music from the Brazilain Rainbow bear....

Subtitles Recordings Present > Subtitles 50 EP Part.2 (Subtitles) Audio
Chris SU - Solaris VIP / Brooklyn - With All My Heart / Commix - Libra / Hidden Agenda - Episode
Teebee celebrates 50 releases with a welcome return from Hidden Agenda - Where have you been?!

Hive & Gridlok Feat D Bridge, Silent Witness & Break > Standing Room Only (Violence) Audio
How the hell did so many producers work on one tune and keep it sounding so good.

Calibre Presents > Corner Dance EP (Signature) Audio
Corner Dance / True Stories / V Neck / Dirty Mind
With Calibre Churning out the releases, you could say that his sound is getting a bit repetitive, but his production on all these tunes is just first class.

Syncopix > Together Again [Logistics Remix] (Syncopix Records) Audio
170bpm horn led dance floor action, Logistics is the man for remixes at the moment.

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